London(kids view)


By: Serena

London is a great place for kids, there is so much to do!

One place you need to go if you have kids is the London eye.From one to ten I give it a 9 ,you get great views of London .And whats more fun than a ride?!

shopping! if you have a girl she will be in heaven ,from this to that they have it all! I give it a 10

Fortnum and Mason.(High tea) It is sooooooo cool they have little sandwiches  and hot coco puffed goodies and more. They had live music, we recommend to wear fancy clothes.I give it a 10

Westminster Abbey  it is not a great place to go with kids ,I give it a 4 because  it has some cool facts. If you have kids go for 30 minutes.

comment if you have gone to London!!!