About Us

We’re an American family spending one year in Europe on a family sabbatical. We are based in southern Spain in a small city called Almunecar and we are traveling extensively around Europe during this year. We will be sharing highlights from our travels, observations about school and life in Spain, and we’ll be reviewing some of the attractions we visit.

Ethan is a college professor, swimmer, sports fan, and movie lover. He’s writing a book this year and is having a blast working on it.

Melanie loves travel, food, hiking, reading and writing. She is taking a break from her job in communications for a university.

Casey is 11 years old, and he loves sports, food, facts, and travel. His favorite foods are octopus, anchovies, and sushi. He is playing basketball on a Spanish team near our town, and he is loving learning Spanish and German. He wears shorts and tee shirts year-round, even in the middle of winter — although at school in Spain, he has to wear a uniform (including tie, pants, long shirt, etc.) Casey is excited about reviewing and ranking the various attractions we visit on our travels.

Serena is 9 years old, and she loves crafts, fashion, acting, gymnastics, and snow. This year, she is studying Spanish but is also developing an amazing British accent thanks to her time at the international school. Serena says she is going to share videos of her awesome crafts.