How to get ready for high tea

  1. Start by getting dressed up. If you have a brother that won’t, tell them to wear a grey t-shirt and black pants.
  2. Next do your hair; it doesn’t have to be fancy.
  3. When you get there, there will be a menu. We ordered two kids’ menus, one adult savory menu, and one adult sweet menu. When we went, you only had to choose your drink and all the other stuff they gave to you. The food and drinks were unlimited!
  4. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oxford/Woodstock By: Casey

Oxford and Woodstock


In our travels through the British Isles, our first stop was Oxford. We stayed in a small town called Woodstock that’s located about a half an hour from Oxford. I’ll review everything that I can remember from there.

  • Blackberry: This was the driving service we took a few places in England, including from Heathrow airport to Woodstock. They did a great job of getting us to our locations. Although our drivers were quite fine, some being quieter and some being chattier, nothing was very memorable.   5.5/10
  • The King’s Arms Hotel: This was the place we stayed. It came with breakfast. The breakfast was very good, as they had eggs royale, eggs benedict, toast, and pastries. Whether you like savories or sweets, whether you’re picky or not, this place will have something for you. We also had dinner there our first night. Although there was nothing special at this restaurant, it was good, fine, okay English pub food. The rooms were good, but if you have a somewhat big family, you should know that the rooms are pretty small, as my sister and I shared a room. Also, there are a few stairs and no elevator, so although it is still very possible to do with a disabled person, I wouldn’t recommend it. The service was also great!   8.5/10
  • Blenheim Palace: Some historians may know that Blenheim Palace, in Woodstock is where Winston Churchill was born and was where he proposed to his girlfriend. However Blenheim Palace is much more than just Churchill. There is an absolutely breathtaking view of the palace, the river, and green hills. There is a tour of the house, which I thought was boring with the paintings and furniture, but the history of the Dukes of Blenheim and Winston Churchill in that very palace is interesting. Last, but not least, is the play area, with a life sized game of chess and checkers and a gargantuan hedge maze that was super fun and exciting. We ended the day by looking out at the sunset over the palace. 9/10
  • Oxford Universities: We saw some of Oxford University’s best colleges, we just had a quick peek inside some and saw pretty sights, walked around in some with famous writers and wondered what it’d be like to go there with them. Then, we had a tour of a few. Some of them had things filmed from Harry Potter in parts of it, which excited me as a Harry Potter reader and watcher. Although I checked out for parts of the tour, it was very interesting, to go to, especially as a Harry Potter reader. I’d call it a “near-must” for Harry Potter fans. 6.5/10
  • Oxford punt: After paying a lot of attention to the tour at the universities, we needed to relax and unwind a bit. We went to Magdalen boat house, where we rode around in a boat while the employee rowing the boat chatted with us and told us stories about the area, the university, and just stuff we were seeing. Although it wasn’t at all a must, it was quite fun. 7.5/10
  • Jamie’s Italian: Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Oxford is nothing special, but there is good Italian food if you want it. 7.5/10
  • Oxfordshire museum: In the Oxfordshire museum, there are old Roman artifacts and loads of history. As a history nerd, this would be fun in itself, but there were also lots of fun ways to learn and play, like dressing up. We were playing little games with the dinosaur and Scandinavian costumes. Although nothing special, this was a fun little ending to our time in Woodstock.    7/10

London(kids view)


By: Serena

London is a great place for kids, there is so much to do!

One place you need to go if you have kids is the London eye.From one to ten I give it a 9 ,you get great views of London .And whats more fun than a ride?!

shopping! if you have a girl she will be in heaven ,from this to that they have it all! I give it a 10

Fortnum and Mason.(High tea) It is sooooooo cool they have little sandwiches  and hot coco puffed goodies and more. They had live music, we recommend to wear fancy clothes.I give it a 10

Westminster Abbey  it is not a great place to go with kids ,I give it a 4 because  it has some cool facts. If you have kids go for 30 minutes.

comment if you have gone to London!!!

British Isles Trip 2017

We travelled around the British Isles for 6 weeks. There will be more details and information about everything in our subcategories named “Ireland”, “Scotland”, and “England.” These will be added in the next few days/weeks.